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Olight Perun Mini


La Olight Perun Mini è una torcia ad L da 1000 Lumen di potenza, estremamente leggera ed adatta a sport estremi, la pesca, il trekking etc.

ATTENZIONE : Questa Versione non ha la fascia frontale, ma è acquistabile separatamente

Batteria 1x 3.7V 550mAh Custom Ricaricabile.

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Please notice that the headband is an optional accessory

✔ Perun mini is a multi-functional illumination tool powered by a 550mAh 16340 battery with a maximum output of 1000 lumens. 

✔ Perun can be used as a handheld light with the provided pocket clip for a variety of attachment methods as well as a headlamp with the optional magnetic head strap, making it a powerful, reliable and vital tool for multiple activities in the dark.

Beam Distance (ft)328
Beam Distance (m)100
Max. Performance (lumens)1,000
Charge TypeMagnetic USB Charging Cable
Compatible BatteriesCustomized 550mAh 3.7V IMR16340 Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Included)
Light Intensity (candela)2,500
Lens / Reflector TypePMMA Optical Lens
Mode OperationFront Switch
Form/Size FactorSmall Size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
SeriesHeadlamp Series
Unique Characteristics
  • Tiny but mighty: As small as a thumb, it boasts a max output of 1,000 lumens.
  • Multifunctional use: Handheld as an EDC flashlight; used as a headlamp with the optional headband; magnetically attached to vehicles for maintenance as a work light.
  • Upgraded pocket clip: The brilliant dual-directional clip features two round tips bigger than the slot on the light that makes it difficult to be detached for enhanced reliability.
  • Remarkable duty patch: Diversely attached to clothes, backpacks or hats via the velcro duty patch with a 60-degree rotation for desired angle and extreme convenience.
  • Magnetic charging: Equipped with USB magnetic charging cable for easy and fast charging experience.
LEVEL 1 (lumens) 1,000 ~ 250
Run-time LEVEL 1
  • 1 + 85 minutes
LEVEL 2 (lumens) 250
Run-time LEVEL 2
  • 98 minutes
LEVEL 3 (lumens) 65
Run-time LEVEL 3
  • 6 hours
LEVEL 4 (lumens) 15
Run-time LEVEL 4
  • 25 hours
LEVEL 5 (lumens) 2
Run-time LEVEL 5
  • 4.5 days
Weight (g / oz)52.0 / 1.83 (Including Battery)
Length (mm / in)61.5 / 2.42
Head Diameter(mm / in)21.0 / 0.83
Body Diameter(mm / in)20.6 / 0.81
LEDOne High Performance Cool White LED
PackagingCarton Box
UseEveryday carry , Car, Camping, Fishing, Household, General Use, Fishing, Climbing, Cave Exploration, Outdoor Activities, House Activities
Package Contents
  • Perun Mini (Battery Included) x 1
  • Stainless Steel Pocket Clip x 1
  • MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
  • Duty Patch x 1
  • Lanyard x 1
  • Pin Tool x 1
  • User Manual x 1